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Sinnott Funeral Home is proud to serve Iowa with funeral, cremation and memorial services designed to honor you or your loved one.

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Features Built For You

We provide each family with software that allows you to memorialize your loved one forever.
  • Digital Obituary Pages
  • Forever Photos
  • LiveStreaming
  • Collaborate
  • Flowers & Cards

Services for your loved one streamed live and recorded forever on a dedicated page.

Digital Remember Page

View Evelyn's Obituary Page
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Invite Family & Friends to upload photos.

Preserved forever.

Collaborate on Memories

View Evelyn's Obituary Page
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Live Streaming, for all those who wish they could be there.

We can live stream & record all of your loved one's services, viewable on any device.

Live Streaming

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Work together with our simple, easy-to-use app.

Works on any device. Invite anyone to be a helper.


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Flowers & Cards are preserved on your loved one's page.

Even the smallest touch can make a big difference.

Flowers and Cards

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Parting Stones

I had no idea what I was going to do with his ashes... it’s a messy business. Once they came back as these beautiful stones, I love holding them and I love showing them to people.
-Parting Stones Customer